Changing RPC

What is an RPC (Remote Procedure Call)?

An RPC in its simplest term is a β€˜middle-man’ to allow communication between your device and the blockchain.

When you process a transaction from your device, such as staking funds into a farm; the request is sent from your device via the RPC, to the blockchain. The blockchain will unpack that message and carry out the necessary actions to complete the request. Once the request is carried out, a message is sent back to the RPC with the outcome of the request.

Common errors relating to RPC’s

Some more common errors caused by RPC’s include,

  • Slow loading times of webpages or transaction requests.

  • Transaction error or transaction timed out.

  • JSON-RPC error.

  • Incorrect figures displayed (APR, balance etc.) on webpages.

How to resolve an RPC issue?

The most common reason for RPC issues is due to congestion. Due to there only being a limited amount of RPC’s available to supply a high demand of investors, it is not uncommon for the RPC to become overloaded and result in an error and/or unstable use of the blockchain.

If one of the above errors occur or another error you are unsure of, completing the below steps is a good start to resolving the issue.

1. Close Metamask.

2. Clear β€˜cache’, browser cookies and history from your web browser.

3. Restart browser and/or computer.

4. Reopen Metamask app or extension and change RPC (How to change RPC steps below).

Once completed the above steps, it is likely the RPC will start to function as intended. If the RPC is still unstable, the problem may lie within the blockchain and you will have to wait for the issue onchain to be resolved.

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