MAD Bucks

What is $MAD?

The what, why and how.

What is Mad Bucks?

Having made our first two collections, the CRO MAD MEERKAT NFT and MM TREEHOUSE, a resounding success , we are constantly pushing ourselves further in innovative ways to reinvent the NFT space.
Introducing the Mad Bucks, a long-term utility token which forms the foundation of Mad Meerkat NFT Ecosystem.
Our key aim is to create a holistic, complete and extensive MM NFT Ecosystem. This means that there is a need for a utility token to create an economy that allows for people to transact to purchase the goods and services that they desire in the ecosystem. Mad Bucks is the answer to this and ties all such initiatives together.
There are three main use cases for $MAD - The Mad Meerkat Arena, minting the Degen Mad Meerkat NFT, and for Cronos Project Partnerships.