MAD Bucks
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Mad Meerkat Arena

What if your meerkats are actually... warriors?
Primarily, the $MAD token is the governance token of the Mad Meerkat Arena (MMA), a Play-to-earn game launched by the MM NFT team on the Cronos blockchain.

MMA Game Mechanics

Each MMB will enter the MMA World as a Mad warrior. Each MMB will receive a certain number of Stats points. You can then decide how best to allocate them accordingly. No changes can be made once allocated. Once completed, each MMB will start off at Level 1, where defeating monsters and other players in PVP will allow the MMB to gain experience and be able to farm Mad Meerkat Gold ($MMG token) — the dedicated in-game currency.
These are the 6 main mechanics:
1) $MAD token: The governance token for the MMA world, the $MAD token can be used to purchase Mad Sacks that contains fighting gear for your MMB. Each piece of equipment has its own stats that could prove to be strategic in your success in the MMA world. To acquire $MAD token, you will be able to either stake your MMT NFTs for $MAD tokens, or you can choose to purchase $MAD token at MM Finance.
2) $SVN token: This token can be farmed when you send your meerkats out into the wilderness to fight monsters. You will also be able to earn $SVN when you PVP other users. $MMG token can be used to level up your MMB characters and can also be used to upgrade equipment.
3) Wilderness: You will be able to send your Meerkat out into the wilderness to fight monsters. When fighting NPC monsters, your Meerkats will undergo a battle simulation against the monster to determine the winner, which will be recorded on the Cronos chain. Each battle depends on the core stats of your own character, vs that of the NPC monster. You will be able to see the battle logs after each battle. Successful fights will net you $MMG tokens.
4) Tavern: Level up your MMB by using the $MMG tokens to purchase experience points in the tavern. Each level requires an increasing amount of experience points to attain. When you level up successfully, your Meerkat gains stat points. Every week, highest level-ed Meerkats will receive $MAD tokens for simply being the king of the hill.
5) Arena: PVP your way to the top. Winners get to earn both $MMG tokens and $MAD tokens. Losing a fight will result in you losing the participation fee denoted in $MMG. The tokens goes to the winner of the fight in PVP. The challenger gets to earn $MAD tokens if they win the fight.
6) Sanctuary: Pick your fights and battle smart. Why risk all your hard earned $MMG? Using the Sanctuary, you can stake a proportion of your $MMG and earn a daily APR interest while using the rest for battle. Doing so secures your staked $MMG and protects it from being lost in battle and you earn daily APR. Win or lose the fight, you’re already winning in the Sanctuary.

Battle Mechanics

There are a total of 4 main stats for each character: Strength, Dexterity, Agility, Accuracy. Each of these stats will alter the Attack, Defence, Evasion, Hit-Rate, and even Hit Points of your MMB character. When your character gets sent into a battle, you will be battling either an NPC or a player of which have their own stats. The characters will be sent into our battle engine where each character will take turns to attack. The ultimate winner is the one who manages to reduce the hitpoints of the other to 0. Whenever a fight is won, you will be able to earn $MMG tokens. These tokens can be used to level up your character, or you can sell it on MM Finance. When leveling up your character, it will gain stat points which will allow you to further improve your character. Beyond that, stats can also be improved when you purchase rare equipment for your character with the use of $MAD tokens.


As observed, the $MAD token and $SVN tokens exist in the world of MMA to ensure a smooth and rewarding gaming experience. The $MAD token is considered to be a scarcer resource where its prime usage is to be used in attaining equipment to buff up your MMB. The $SVN token is the main gaming currency that you will be rewarded for partaking in most actions in the game. More will be elaborated later on in a separate manual for better understanding and user experience.