MAD Bucks
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There are 2 ways to farm more $MAD 1) You can stake $MAD to earn more $MAD 2) You can also stake MAD/MMF LP to earn more $MAD (you can form your MAD/MMF LP here: Click here to start farming:

$MAD Farming:

  • Holders can stake their MM TreeHouse NFT to farm for 1 $MAD/day.
  • For Mad Kats specifically, you will be able to stake your Cro MM NFTs to earn extra 10% more $MAD.
  • All whitelisted Cro NFTs can be staked on our Mad TreeHouse platform to earn more $MAD.
  • Stake your Cro NFTs to earn extra 3.5% more $MAD/day.
  • Max of 3 staking slots.
Eg, 1 MMT + 3 MMB (max 3 NFT Staking Slots) = 1.3%$MAD (1+0.1+0.1+0.1) 1MMT + 1MMB + 2 Cro NFT (Max 3 NFT Staking Slots) = 1.17% ( 1+0.1+0.035+0.035)