MMO Token (Polygon)

Current Emission Rate of $MMO

Value is updated regularly, check to get the latest rates.


The MMO token has a max supply of 5,000,000. For every 1 MMF earned in the performance fees, 0.115 MMO is minted (this amount that is minted is subjected to adjustments. In the event MMO price goes up, minting will be lesser). You can earn MMO by using the farms, or you can buy MMO on MM Finance. Roughly 13% of all MMO mints will go towards development to ensure rapid innovation. Once all 5 million $MMO tokens have been fully minted, $MMO will become a governance token that continuously earns platform fees — Performance and Withdrawal fees similar to Gen 1 auto-compounding services. In the meantime, before all 5 million tokens have been minted, we will ‘abuse’ the tokenomics (high APY!) to ensure we lock in as much TVL as possible.
The aim is to ensure we lock in at least 200 million USD in TVL on Polygon chain for $MMO. This will ensure a steady stream of income when $MMO tokens stop minting, and we begin collecting only withdrawal and performance fees in structures similar to gen 1 auto-compounding services like beefy finance and autofarm.
As mentioned, these fees will be redistributed to $MMO token holders in much similarity to $BIFI and $AUTO tokenomics. Both $BIFI and $AUTO have a max supply — similar to us when we reach the max supply and they have a marketcap of $120,000,000 and $40,000,000 respectively. Other than building on other projects and vaulting all the farms on Polygon, we will be scaling cross-chain in to BSC, AVAX, HECO and many more.

Important points:

1) $MMO is a deflationary token. The higher the prices go, the lesser $MMO that is being minted. Which also means in reality, there is a chance that all 5 million $MMO tokens will never be fully minted.
2) We now have a crystal clear goal on where to take the $MMO token. The future goal will be to optimize as many AMMs as possible to get the best possible TVL, and hence highest performance fees.

Why are we doing this?

Max supply protects future value of the token against potential inflation, as users can calculate the true fully diluted market value. By promising a future value (minimally $200 million TVL will generate huge revenues), all these revenues will be shared with token holders. Also importantly, this will prevent exploits against similar Yield Optimizer services as per in the past.
$MMO Token
  • Honest MMO Farmers: Deposit MMO-MMFLP and reap the benefits of the compounding effect. For example, with Simple Interest, the APY is 500% for MMF-MMF, however, if this gets compounded it becomes 14246% APY.
  • Degens: Buy MMO at the start of launch. Sell when the price becomes high enough to fulfill your greedy desire. The Probability of MMO dropping below the initial price of is very low. 1) Presale Participants bought MMO at same price and will not sell below that price at a loss. 2) As MMO Price goes up, MMO issued volume will decrease.
  • Smart Investors: Stake MMO long-term. The APY of MMO Pool is amazing and real! The meaning of MMO Pool’s APY 100% is if you buy $10 worth of MMO now and stake it for 1 year, you will receive $10 worth of MMF. If you sell the remaining MMO on the market, you can also capitalize on profits there. If you are a wise investor, you would meticulously analyze the APY of the staking pool and earn profits not only from the MMF rewards, but also from selling the MMO as well.
  • We are starting off with the following fee structure:
    1. 1.
      30% Performance fee
    2. 2.
      0.5% withdrawal fee if withdrawal happens within 72 hours of deposit
    For further clarification the 30% performance fee is collected and given to the MMO stakers. For every 1 MMF earned through performance fees, 0.115 MMO is minted and given to respective users (this amount that is minted is subjected to adjustments. In the event MMO price goes up, minting will be lesser). So long as the price of MMO stays above 4 MMF, users are actually earning money through this performance fee system. All of these fees will ultimately go towards staking MMO, thereby ensuring the sustainability and longevity of our project and benefitting MMO supporters/holders.


Funds to raise: 3,000,000 MMF Burn amount: 1,500,000 MMF Chain: Polygon Duration: 24 hours Start: 20th August, 1:00 pm UTC End: 21st August, 1:00 pm UTC Token: MMO